17 February 2017, 16:36 | Lenzman | DJ Rockid | Submorphics | Steo | Jubei | IAMDDB
After launching to great acclaim, The North Quarter returns for chapter two of its journey: Lenzman's 'Earth Tones EP'.
17 February 2017, 16:29 | Need for Mirrors | Fokuz Recordings
Need For Mirrors is already preparing another EP. The new project, entitled ‘Vantage’, was signed by Fokuz Recordings and really fits the label sound-wise. We are offered three lovely mellow tunes -‘Clarity’, ‘Gatefold’ and ‘Wet Pine’, while the title track turned out to be rather vigorous.
10 February 2017, 15:18 | Skeptical | Alix Perez | Exit Records
Skeptical and Alix Perez have combined for their first release of 2017. The 'Without A Trace' EP on Exit Records is a four-tracker which further stakes their claim as one of the most fearsome partnerships in drum 'n' bass.
07 February 2017, 18:35 | Arch Origin | Soulvent Records | Mr Porter
Our first release of 2017 sees the welcome return of Soulvent faithful and long time friend, Daniel Van Mourik – better known as Arch Origin.
04 February 2017, 16:15 | CruK | Dispatch Recordings
Spurring into action already this year, our Dispatch LTD imprint continues in the ethos for supporting upcoming talent, as Leeds based Cruk marks his debut on Dispatch, with the ‘Bad Faith EP’.
04 February 2017, 16:01 | Bad Taste Recordings | Billain | Mindscape | Neonlight | Pythius | Malux
Bad Taste Recordings comes in heavy with the highly anticipated remixes of BILLAIN's tracks ‘Batbots' and ‘Manifold'. Featuring 4 leading artists, 3 of whom have previously released on the label: NEONLIGHT, MALUX and MINDSCAPE alongside PYTHIUS who makes his debut with the BTR crew.
01 February 2017, 14:24 | Othercide Records | Katharsys | Ruin | Donny
The name Katharsys derives from ‘an extreme change in emotion that results in renewal, restoration and revitalization’. And after one listen to the forthcoming LP sampler which French producers Hugo and Tom have been crafting in sonic solitude, you’ll understand why they chose this namesake.
01 February 2017, 14:17 | Switch Technique | Black Hoe Recordings
Black Hoe Recordings & Switch Technique proudly present: The First Apocalypse | Available: 30.01.2017
27 January 2017, 17:12 | Synergy | Segment | Concept Vision | EATBRAIN
Deep within the hegemonic core cluster, the brutal and deadly form of the ship Helion cruised with deadly intent across the gravity well of Arkana, the seat of the ruling elite.
27 January 2017, 16:55 | Mako | Dispatch Recordings | Andy Skopes
Our first Dispatch main label release of the year, Mako takes us into the next century, following the Dispatch 100 album with an aptly name release – ‘The 101 EP’.
27 January 2017, 16:20 | Counterstrike | Algorythm Recordings
Renowned for smelting genres and pushing performance techniques to their limits, Counterstrike is respected from the deepest, darkest, most discerning corners of drum and bass right up to some of the biggest labels in electronic music.
23 January 2017, 14:47 | Need for Mirrors | Phil Tangent | C.I.A. Deep Kut
Our first release of 2017 comes courtesy of Need For Mirrors and Phil Tangent, who have teamed up on this superb 5 track EP for Deep Kut
23 January 2017, 14:42 | Hospital Records | Nu:Tone | Logistics | S.P.Y | Etherwood
When you turn 21 the world is your oyster. You can vote, drink, gamble… and fly your own hot air balloon across London? Oh wait, that was last year.
16 January 2017, 19:50 | Ulterior Motive | Shogun Audio | Ben Verse
It's been fairly quiet on the Ulterior Motive production front since their debut album in 2014, but that just gives an excuse to revisit 'The Fourth Wall' and that's no chore.
19 December 2016, 20:55 | Madikma | Monochrome Recordings
We've got something totally different coming on december 25th. Last release of this year is gonna be "Fine Lines" EP. Produced by Dmitry Melnikov aka Madikma is pure essence of deep bass 160-175 bpm music inspired by sounds of producers such as ASC.