19 December 2016, 20:18 | Silence Groove | Offworld Recordings
What better way to end a great year and usher in the next with one of our favourite artists Silence groove with a fantastic 4 track EP Offworld release.
19 December 2016, 13:38 | Chee | Algorythm Recordings | Counterstrike
Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa - Chee has quickly become one of the most decorated and recognized producers in the South African bass music movement. Completely engulfing, intense, intricate and dark, his sound can be described as visceral, schizophrenic bass music.
As we edge ever-closer to our 21st Birthday celebrations, the Hospital crew reach another proud milestone.
13 December 2016, 15:35 | Limewax | Position Chrome
When it comes down to a Limewax release darkness is usually all over the place. Without a doubt producer Maxim Anokhin has perfectly mastered that side of art, but it would be quite disrespectful if we didn't pay a closer attention to the true depth of his sound.
13 December 2016, 15:14 | Optiv | CZA | Cause4Concern Recordings
‘Cell Dweller' is one of these tracks, winding up on slowly growing, lofty atmospherics and cinematic vocal sample. You're brought into a world which seems slightly disjointed, with bass creeping up on you unaware underneath.
13 December 2016, 15:04 | Nami | Addictive Behaviour Records
Addictive Behaviour are famed for two artist recruitment methods. One is representing prominent established producers within the sub genres they push. The other is nurturing fresh emerging talent as they are about to break onto the scene. Nami is the latter of these.
In just under 18 months cyberfunk has released 4 EP's featuring: Break, Xtrah, Mefjus, Current Value and Phentix to name a few all of which hit the No1 spot in beatport charts.
13 December 2016, 14:53 | Critical Systems | Current Value | Critical Music | Signal
The drum & bass heavyweight Current Value finishes up 2016 with his first solo release with the Critical crew since his enormous ‘Biocellulose’ LP earlier in the year. This time notching up some extreme sounds for Systems, Volume 6 is another iron-clad addition to the series.
08 December 2016, 15:00 | The Insiders | Collette Warren | Intrigue Music
Next up on Intrigue Music is a very special 12" to mark the label's 30th release. The Insiders step up with the amen anthem 'Hands of Time', featuring the amazing singer songwriter Collette Warren.
08 December 2016, 14:55 | Infiltrator Records | Radicall | Lesio
Radicall, aka Krzysztof Golinski, is a Polish Drum & Bass producer with many years of experience under his belt. Radicall had his major breakthrough in 2007 with releases on legendary label Covert Operations.
08 December 2016, 14:43 | Forbidden Society
The head of Forbidden Society Recordings, Forbidden Society himself decided to putting out unreleased tracks for free download. He has been making bass music for almost 18 years and since a lot of tracks were never released. He thinks it is a good idea all his fans can see his never shown past.
08 December 2016, 14:36 | Voyage | Tech Itch Recordings
Voyage, a new and exclusive signing to Tech Itch Recordings, debuts with a full length album - GENESIS! VINYL PRE-ORDER PHASE - SHIPPING FEB 2017 DIGITAL EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 24HRS OF PRE-ORDER!
07 December 2016, 13:05 | Serum | Paul T | Edward Oberon | V Recordings
V and Philly Blunt Serum regular teams up with recent signings Paul T & Edward Oberon to deliver an absolutely huge new collaborative single. This is proper underground D&B vibes, and these b-lines are not for the faint hearted!
It stared across the shore of stars drifting imperceptibly through the vacuum, countless suns twisting their path through time and space on their almost endless descent into the black hole’s tidal gravity wake.
06 December 2016, 19:52 | Magnetude | Lifted Music
We are proud to unearth our newly signed project Magnetude. These tunes speak for themselves... Exclusively on Beatport now: http://lftd.net/lftd023bp