We offer the following types of advertising:

Banner advertising

  1. Placing an ad (image, text, link to the page) in the slider on the main page: 200 rubles / day
  2. Banner 970x90, all pages of the site: 300 rubles/day

Advertising in the Vkontakte group

Advertising in the group with more than 25,000 members:

  1. Group cover change: 300 rubles/day
  2. One-time announcement on behalf of the group at the time you choose: 100 rubles. for the ad.
  3. Fixing your ad in the group header: 200 rubles / day


  1. Inviting group members (more than 25,000 accounts) to your meeting: 1000 rubles.

We can discuss non-standard advertising options. For all questions, write to us through the contact form or write to e-mail: [email protected] or send a personal message to Vkontakte.