Juke / Footwork

The 2000s saw a rise in Chicago Juke, a faster variant of ghetto house which began forming in the late 1980s. Chicago Juke songs are generally around 150-165 BPM with beat-skipping kick drums, pounding rapidly (and at times very sparsely) in syncopation with crackling snares, claps, and other sounds reminiscent of old drum machines. The production style is often markedly low-fi, much like Baile Funk. Chicago Juke evolved to match the energy of footwork, a dance style born in the disparate ghettos, house parties and underground dance competitions of Chicago. RP Boo, a former footwork dancer, is generally credited with making the first songs that fall within the canon Living hand in hand with juke music, footwork is one of the popular hood dance music styles in the world. Footwork is a controlled and complex moving of the feet at high speeds, a modern form of house dance footwork and breakdancing footwork. Producers in the Chicago Juke and booty house genre include DJ Deeon, Dude 'n Nem, DJ Slugo, DJ Chip, DJ Nate, DJ Tha Pope, Dj Nehpets, DJ Rashad, and Spinn. Teklife is arguably the most prominent collective in the modern day footwork scene.