FD - Alone With Everybody EP

The new Alone With Everybody project by Drum & Bass connoisseur FD firmly solidifies his earned seat in the upper echelons of the Drum & Bass scene. The epic nine-tracker on The North Quarter showcases a new dimension to his sound, having already gained the trust of many essential labels in the past. Serious work has been released over the course of years, producing a balanced catalogue of what FD stands for. This persistent output has grown in both reputation and depth and tells the story of a man dedicated to keeping close to his musical vision.

A veteran producer and DJ in the scene for more than a decade, FD has the ears of a true tastemaker; an artist and curator that understands his audience. Each piece of music has been created with his highly self-critical approach and scrutiny, bringing the best to the fore on this anticipated new body of work.

From the iconic intro with Jazz T, all the way to the closing track 'This Is Now' the EP speaks a solid sonic language with a confident yet emotion and energy-driven tone-of-voice. The collaboration with Manchester-based 'OG' Fox for example highlights FD as a forward-thinking musician who embraces both roots and culture of his loved genre.

It is not a coincidence that FD releases his new work on Lenzman's The North Quarter imprint; a new home for a growing scene of matured musicians still leaving their traces on a Drum & Bass tempo. Taking the initials of his real name tells us that FD keeps close to what he stands for and who he is, directly in tune with the NQ's mission.\


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