Algorythm Recordings

Drum 'n bass act Counterstrike's own imprint, "re-launched" in 2005.

The label has outputted releases featuring artists such as Current Value, Limewax, T.Z.A., and Panacea.


06 October 2017, 00:00 | Counterstrike | Algorythm Recordings
Counterstrike is back on a collaboration tip with 4 heavyweight cuts. Synthakt provides devastating remix treatment on Gein and Counterstrike's classic, Pentagram. Cooh and Counterstrike step it out with Reanimate. Limewax and Counterstrike drop some snares down the stairs with Ultraviolet.
27 January 2017, 16:20 | Counterstrike | Algorythm Recordings
Renowned for smelting genres and pushing performance techniques to their limits, Counterstrike is respected from the deepest, darkest, most discerning corners of drum and bass right up to some of the biggest labels in electronic music.
19 December 2016, 13:38 | Chee | Algorythm Recordings | Counterstrike
Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa - Chee has quickly become one of the most decorated and recognized producers in the South African bass music movement. Completely engulfing, intense, intricate and dark, his sound can be described as visceral, schizophrenic bass music.
04 November 2016, 18:00 | Synthakt | Algorythm Recordings
Synthakt is a drum & bass producer with a penchant for punishment from Salzburg, Austria. He fuses pummeling bass and a technical drum sound straight out of hell with dark undertone melodies that would make the hair stand up at the back of your neck.


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