Bad Company UK

Bad Company UK are a drum and bass collective consisting of Jason Maldini, Darren White (aka D-Bridge), Dan Stein (aka DJ Fresh) and Michael Wojicky (aka Vegas). They were originally called Bad Company but the UK was (unofficially) added to avoid confusion with the rock group of the same name.

Bad Company UK burst onto the drum and bass scene in 1999 with the the dnb anthem 'The Nine'. This lead to releases on Grooveriders prototype recordings and eventually a debut album 'Inside the Machine' released on their own label BC recordings. The album went down well for its dark, haunting basslines and its tight production. Bad Company kept on putting in the hours in the studio, releasing many big tunes such as 'planet dust', 'mo fire' and 'the hornet' as well as releasing a further 3 albums 'Digital Nation', 'Book of the Bad' and 'Shot Down on Safari'. They were one of the leading names in the drum and bass scene and even featured in NME magazine, but instead of aiming to become commercially succesful, they chose instead to fuel the underground drum and bass scene.

However, in 2003 the group decided to go their separate ways, with DJ Fresh and D Bridge deciding to produce independantly and Vegas and Maldini continuing to work under the name Bad Company.

In 2007, 'Inside the Machine' was re-released along with a another CD 'Lost and Found' which featured old tunes that the group had not originally released.

They are also referred to by their logo, a mirrored BC, which best translates into )E|3(
or ͻϵ|϶ϲ