There are more than one artist with the same name:
1. DJ Bes - DnB DJ from Russia.
2. BES from Swanky Swipe - japanese rapper.

Real name : Evgeniy
Date of birth : April 19, 1979
Country : Russia
City : St. Petersburg
Official site :
Musical styles : Jungle / Drum' N Bass
Born in Minsk g.Slutsk Ave.
One of the best Drum and Bass musicians and producers in Russia.
Served : Russian D'n'B Convention, Super Stocks (Radio Record), little Piratskaya Station (Radio Record).
Bring : Black Sun Empire and Pyro in the Tunnel, Kemal and Optiv `a` a (Cause 4 Concern) in the Red Club. Held more than 100 parties.
Played with : Goldie, Technical Itch, Andy C, LTJ Bukem, BSE, Bad Company, Cause 4 Concern, Kemal, Pyro, Nookie, J-Majik et al.
The first mix-1997 god.The first mix-1997.The world record labels such as Fear Red rec. (USA), Step2zero, Ballistic (USA), Future Concrete (Est). Releases are used by vinyl DJs in the world. Mix different record numbers with many fans.
Fellowships : : Tunnel, Friday, Port, MAMA, Klim Voroshilov, Griboedov, Spartak
Theatre : : Moscow, Novgorod, Minsk, Gomel, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Samara, Tolyati, Kiev, etc.. …
The owner of the label Total Advance Music (St.) - Drum` N' Bass label, with a CD products.
For two years produced 17 releases, the most successful of which was : New Motion of DnB 1-4 TAMography parts, albums musicians Ruff Engine, Dissident.
The prizes, Best DNB Label" at SPBDNB Awards for the release site and MuzTV dnb.
At SPBDNB Awards 2005 he collected all the major awards : Best DJ, Best Track, Best Release, Best label
In the Top 100 DJ for Russia in 2005 from

A Japanese hiphop artist from the group Swanky Swipe


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