The artist name Decoder is used by at least two acts:
1. A post hardcore band from the United States
2. A drum and bass producer from the United Kingdom

1. Decoder is a band formed by former members of 3 most prominent Floridian post-hardcore bands. It includes VersaEmerge's original lead singer (left after recording the "Cities Built On Sand" EP), Spencer Pearson, Oceana's original vocalist Keith Jones and guitarist Jack Burns together with now defunct Of Machines drummer Brent Guistwite and Bryce Sipes.

The band has finished recording their self-titled debut which they recorded with Matt Malpass at Marigolds & Monsters Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. The album is set for a January 18th release and the band is scheduled to make their first national tour in February.

2. Darren “Decoder” Beale is a musician, DJ and producer from bristol (UK) and part of the group Kosheen, alongside fellow DJ Markee “Substance” Morrisson and vocalist and songwriter Sian Evans. Both DJ’s have shared great success both with Kosheen and as solo DJ’s/Artists.

Beale started his career in 1991 using various aliases producing oldschool hardcore tracks such as "4 AM" which was one of the anthems of 1992. He continued fine tuning the deep jungle sound under the Orca and Koda aliases on Lucky Spin Records and its sister label, Deejay Recordings, releasing "Tranquility to Earth" in 1994. In 1995 he first used the Decoder pseudonym, pioneering the dark or 'techstep' style of drum & bass, often on Mark Caro's (Technical Itch) label Tech Itch Recordings.

1997 saw the release of Decoder’s ‘Decoded EP’. The release went on to become one of the most played tracks in the US’s drum and bass clubs and achieved press recognition with a number eighteen placing in N.M.E’s ‘Vibes Singles Of The Year’ chart.