Hailing from Ottawa Canada - working in jungle and drum & bass breakbeat music, DJ K has been spinning since 1999. His enthusiasm and unique high-energy enjoyable sets led to early residencies in his hometown which saw a rise to fame where he began playing out of town regularly and signed a sponsorship deal with local clothing company, norml. In 2001, Championz was released on N2O records in L.A., which broke out as a landmark anthem unlike anything else at the time. This record helped lay the foundation for a subsequent sparking of the North American ragga jungle movement with which DJ K was involved heavily in. This movement changed the direction of worldwide drum & bass forever to a stronger, darker and grittier angle. Several more successful records were released under the DJ K moniker (Big Cat 9 made the Breakbeat Science top 10 sellers), which undisputedly helped strengthen the scene and the sound he helped originate. After much touring and networking with similar artists and labels in these years, DJ K formed KILLA Records in 2003, which saw 2 releases featuring untouchable massive signature amens and dark basslines he had became famous for. DJ K has been instrumental in supporting artists big and small, playing exclusive dubplates from unsigned talent alongside the biggest names as well as countless original productions in the mix. DJ K dubplates and releases are in heavy rotation to this very day by the biggest names in underground jungle in the Americas, Europe and Asia. In the studio, DJ K's promotional weapon has been the DJ mix: each with a different concept, designed to change the industry. Each mix is perfected and distributed to the masses. Fans pour in with praise on over 50 mixes - testament to the effort put in to the music he loves. K continues to push the boundaries in the pursuit of changing the face of underground jungle and drum & bass.