DJ Spice

DJ Spice is a British DJ producer from London. He has been a DJ producer since 1989 when he started on the pirate radio station Fantasy FM, which was one of the biggest radio stations in London broadcasting on 98.8 FM. During this time in the daytime He worked at Pacific Distribution learning the music business from the bottom up during 1989 - 1990.

"I wanted to learn how the whole thing works from the artist to the label to the whole distribution side of things" During this time spice worked with labels like desire, production house, shut up and dance and GTI, promoting their tunes on the radio and in clubs.

He was a resident DJ at many events including the Fantasy Events in the London Astoria between 1991 and 1992, playing to 2,000 people every weekend and up and down the country in Spain while also holding down residency's in London Stoke on Trent Oxford and Burnley.

In 1990 Pacific Distribution Sold up so spice moved over to the rock and reggae Distributor SRD and was responsible for some of the most influential labels at the time i.e. Moving Shadow Suburban Base and bringing new labels and talent in.

"My job at srd was to give advice as to what tunes were good and what were bad. The people who worked there were into rock and heavy metal they took hardcore and jungle for a joke. I really had to push them to get them to understand how big hardcore jungle and drum and bass was. they were more concerned in selling 150 7 inches from some Indy band when we had labels like moving shadow reinforced and suburban base knocking out quality tunes which were easily outselling Indy".

A few labels saw his noticed his potential and he was head hunted to run Total Music and Soapbar records from offices based in Bethnal green London E2.

He became A&R for Soapbar Records and Total Music records between 1991 - 1995 working with artists like Moby, Dj Hype, Bump, Judge Jules and T Power also releasing a tune called brand new 49t2 with dj massive and the groove also remixing for dj rap suburban base and black market and MCA.

He also enjoyed brief stints with Rush FM London, another infamous London pirate.

In 2000 he started the UK's first e-flyer service at which has over 90,000 members.

In 2003, DJ Spice joined Kool FM London, while continuing to play many events up and down the country.