Donny Christopher Don, better known to the world as Donny, started writing music simply to kill time and have a laugh. Starting out as a drummer, Donny’s interest in grooves and rhythms progressively grew into a love of electronic music, and drum & bass in particular. Investing in a studio set-up and dedicating himself to learning the ins and outs of production, it wasn’t long before Donny had begun to perfect the art of making D&B, and in early 2006 Mindrush Recordings were the first to pick up on his unique talents, snapping up his first 12” single, “Medieval Beating” b/w “Hide & Seek”.

Soon after Donny signed “The Forgotten” to Barcode Recordings. A filthy concoction of eerie atmospherics, chilling vocal samples and smash-your-face off breakbeats, “The Forgotten” was set to be the first of many releases on the label and ever since that first, fateful signing, Donny has continued to work closely with Barcode; teaming up with other purveyors of the dirty and dark along the way, such as Current Value and Counterstrike.

Donny & Current Value’s “Evil Has A Name” EP, released on Barcode, cemented his reputation for hard and heavy sounds and his remix and collaboration with Counterstrike on their “Insubordination” LP just confirmed it further. Since then, Donny has been working hard in the studio - collaborating with Audio, The Panacea and completing a remix of Dylan’s “Dark Planet” for German label, Position Chrome, as well as touring the globe, showcasing his signature sound everywhere from the UK and Europe to Russia, Cape Town and Toronto. Donny recently released his second EP for Barcode, the “Fucking Offensive” EP which includes another action-packed collaboration with Counterstrike. The EP can be heard along with his other Barcode material, by checking out the Filthcast.


01 February 2017, 14:24 | Othercide Records | Katharsys | Ruin | Donny
The name Katharsys derives from ‘an extreme change in emotion that results in renewal, restoration and revitalization’. And after one listen to the forthcoming LP sampler which French producers Hugo and Tom have been crafting in sonic solitude, you’ll understand why they chose this namesake.