Dynamite MC

Born in Germany on 7 October 1973, Dynamite (real name Dominic Smith) started his MCing career on pirate radio station, Crush FM, broadcast in south west area during the early 90s. He met Roni Size in 1994 and began MCing for the Full Cycle crew. When the Bristol collective formed live band Reprazent, Dynamite shared vocal duties with singer Onallee. Their debut album New Forms won the Mercury Music Prize in 1997. Dynamite's role was greatly enhanced for Reprazent's second album, the strongly hip-hop influenced In The Mode (2000).

Following this, Dynamite has collaborated with a range of artists including The Nextmen, Skitz, Scratch Perverts, Andy C and DJ Zinc, releasing a solo album The World of Dynamite (2004). In 2006 a mix CD, 'Big Man Talk' was released on the Strong Records label (featuring samples from Enya and Kanye West among others). A third album, 'Styles Galore' is set to follow later in 2006.

In the video game Need For Speed Carbon, Dynamite MC has 2 songs featured: 'Bounce' & 'After Party'.

Song 'Bounce', is also featured on the soundtrack of Madden NFL 07.

Dynamite MC hosts a two hour 'Smooth Grooves' show on Kiss 100 FM (United Kingdom) every Monday night at 2100 GMT, as well as hosting the Fresh 40 R&B and dance chart across some of the UK's commercial radio stations on Sunday afternoons.


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