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There are four artists with the name Heist:

1. Heist was a short lived Australian hardcore punk / powerviolence band from the mid 1990s. Along with Rupture, Heist were one of the first, most prominent, and most influential powerviolence bands to emerge from the Australian hardcore scene. Their discography consists of only two releases: a self-titled 7" EP (1995) and 7" EP titled "Pain is Causing Life" (1997). It is not known when the band formed and ended. Heist's drummer has since gone on to play for the well-known Australian hardcore band Extortion.

2. Heist (other aliases include Strider) has been established as DJ for over thirteen years and started producing tracks five years ago. As a producer, he has released music on a variety of labels including MetalHeadz, Full Cycle, Co Lab, Digital Sound Boy, Creative Source, Intergral, Play Musik and Grid to name but a few.

3. Heist Powerful guitars, intimidating lyrics and a surprisingly intricate sound. Heist is a band of musicians armed with a solid musical background and deep roots in the music scene of their hometown Haarlem, The Netherlands. They’re serious about their music, they cite QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Radiohead as their beacons.
Heist started in 2004 when guitarist Thijs van der Klugt and singer and guitarist Alex Krottje (ex-Cereal) aligned their ambitions. Two years later they were joined by Tim Rosman on drums and Axel van Oort (Keith Caputo, MissAntarctica) on bass. In 2007 they decided they were in need for an extra guitar and for Alex to be able to focus more on the vocals. That’s when they asked Niels Tusenius (MissAntarctica, Club of High Eyebrows) to join in. They spent the larger part of 2008 in the studio to define their music, building it up, breaking it down, refining it, cleaning it, poluting it, complicating it, simplifying it, until it became what it is now: a very intense and pure reflection of what the band stands for. Hard work, raw energy, no compromises to the integrity of their muscial values. And a few beers in the process. The result is overwhelming. Alex’s haunting voice embraces demons and angels alike as it rips through the wall of guitar sound built by Thijs and Niels while Axel’s complex and syncopated bass lines and Tim’s stoic yet vigourous drums form a solid rhythm section. This Heist takes no hostages.
In 2008 they opened for Keith Caputo in the Dutch leg of his tour and and did an amazing gig at Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem, as well as opening shows for Clutch (USA) and Helmet (USA), Fu Manchu (USA) and support shows in Effenaar, LVC and Patronaat. In summer of 2010 the band did a support tour for ex-Queens of the stone age Nick Olivieri's Mondo Generator. Their debut album titled 'Razorblade Lemonade' wass released 12th of november 2009 @ Splinters Records. Distribution by Rought Trade Benelux. http://www.myspace.com/jeheist

4. 1989 USA Hard rock/Haevy metal band. They released only one album by the name of "High heel heaven".
Coming to the hard rock scene a couple of years too late were San Francisco based rockers Heist. Along with a few other Bay Area wannabes such as Jetboy and Babylon A.D, these guys were pretty much admired in their hometown, and straddled the hair metal/glam scene with sound somewhere between Helix and Dokken. Admittedly there is not a lot here that would be considered showstopper material, though to be fair, the Heisters play a fairly decent sort of hard rock style that wraps a lot of party like flavor around their songs - somewhat like colorful candy wrapping.