Int Company

Int Company (International Drum & Bass Project) was founded in the early 2008. The band is composed of Vlad Korobka (Ukraine), Sergey Chernuha (Ukraine), and Andrey Ponomarev (Russia). Vald Korobka initiated a group creation. Earlier, he took a part in Valky Electro Project along with Sergey Chernuha. After that he made a proposal to combine efforts for the creation of their own music. The project course was set on Drum and Bass, especially on such kinds of it as Neurofunk and Tech-Step. In spite of thousands kilometers and several time zones, which hold them away from each other, they still being available to produce their creativity.
No further than several weeks after project was created, successful track mix was recorded. October 2008, there is next blooming performance of Vlad Korobka and Andrey Ponomarev in the finale of electro music festival «Mainstream Dance Fest» in St. Petersburg. There they have got lots of acquaintances and important experience. The attempts to share with their own individuality and vitality are reflected in their mixes.
The year of 2009 became a beginning of cooperation with St. Petersburg label "Naturality Sound System Recordings", which have brought an anniversary release to the label. It includes track "Morter" by Sergey Chernuha and tracks "Sooflex" and "Level 99" as well. Last two came out on the B side of the release. It has established project development on CIS and Europe areas. Int Company tracks in Russian, Ukrainian and even European DJs' sets appear more commonly.
The similarity of the production with British music producer and DJ, who is known under the name Spor, made people more careful in listening to the Int Company tracks. It caused many difficulties such as accusing musicians in plagiarism, stealing Spor's and Russian producers' ideas. But beside the critics, there are people, who find a singularity in the Int Company music. These people stand up for young creators and support them by providing with the motivation for their activity.
Nowadays, participants have already found their own places in the project. Everyone works with his part of business, what gives them an opportunity to produce their tracks more efficiently. The consequences of this kind of production are an arousing interest in the project from Europe, cooperation with famous Russian drum'n'bass producers and people's love to the Int Company music.