Krust (or DJ Krust) is part of the Bristol-based Reprazent collective, as well as releasing his own solo material. In his own right, he is probably most well-known for the mid-90s release "Warhead," which was one of a handful of tunes released in early 1997 which saw drum and bass move towards a more streamlined sound. "Warhead" has been remixed several times by both Krust and other artists. Krust is also well known for his 1996 release "Angles" on V Recordings.

He is one of the most cerebral yet eternally funky of all the great drum and bass producers to come out of that area.

Krust's first solo album, Coded Language, was released on Talkin' Loud in 1999, with Hidden Knowledge following in 2006 on Full Cycle Records.

He is currently working on a new live band project rumored to be named "The Rules".


17 October 2016, 13:16 | Full Cycle Records | Roni Size | Krust | DJ Die | D Product | 3 Way | Surge
Roni Size and Krust’s Full Cycle Records has announced the launch of a new retrospective compilation series.