Mage may refer to 4 artists:

1) DJ maGe - A German DJ playing all kind of styles in the 125bpm - 135 bpm genre of Tech, Minimal, Deep, Progressive House & Techno. Often plays at clubs around Darmstadt and in Ruhrgebiet (Ratingen) Germany. maGe has a slot on German radio with the Session live on the Webradio every Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 GMT+1. or on the first Friday of the month 18:00-22:00 GMT+1 on His website is or and myspace page is at

2) Mage - A 5 piece UK Stoner/Doom/Metal band from the Midlands. Five unholy wizards compelled by the power of the riff and dark, dark magic. Forged in dragons fire atop a lightning lashed mountain in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten. Rumbling riffs combined with finely hewn words of power to conjure up images of otherwordly things creeping forth from the darkest reccesses… *ahem* …Sorry about that… If you have a low "fantastical bullshit" threshold, Mage are basically five guys who've been round the block in a variety of bands over far more years than they'd care to remember. Brought together by a shared love of "THEE RIFF" and a desire to jam and see what happens. Turns out that what happens is a Stoner/Doomy/Metal type thing, but with a whole bunch of other elements thrown into the pot as well. Gigs under the belt, more on the way (feel free to make them an offer). Come worship at their altar… They can be found at:
Lurking around a dark corner of Facebook and on Twitter @mageband

3.) mAGE (Nashville, TN, USA)

Music is a feeling that cannot be described with words,
so i don't try to describe it with them.
no thoughts are involved, just emotions.
positive and negative; repelling and compelling.

Words can be twisted so many different direction and taken out of context. While this will eternally remain true and prove to be the destroyer of religions, theories, governments, relationships, and families, the message of my and other electronic producers remains clear. Love.

When humanity lost hope in words to create love in each others minds, I began seeking out to change the way we communicate. Using wave synthesis and tone generation to fill a place in time and shine light on the mind.

Infecting this disgusting culture of narcissism with life and dismantling bodies lost behind fashion like masquerades lasting but while they concerned with flashing, I'm busy building passion. Halloween only comes one time a year and while some artists are busy building their costume to portray their image, I am hard at work making the contents of my mind visible to portray our, not my, image as human beings. Longing to feel something whether it be sincere or just an illusion to keep you warm through the night. I make my music for anyone that has ever felt like there was no one there to listen. Like there was no hope.
[email protected]

4) Mage - A drum and bass producer/dj from Chelyabinsk, Russia.


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