Marvellous Cain

Real Name: Marvin Cain

Marvellous Cain had a series of big tunes during jungle's ragga heyday in 1993-94, including "The Hitman" and "Dub Plate Style." Before signing to Suburban Base in 1995, Cain released tracks on labelmate Sponge's I.Q. imprint, collaborating with Sponge and current Ganja Kru member Pascal under a barrage of names, including Lion Man, Badman, and Gunman. A DJ as well as producer, Cain began typically enough, spinning rave and hardcore in the early '90s and following the style into full-blown jungle by the middle of the decade. He established his own label, Runninz, out of the ashes of I.Q., and has released tracks there as Runninz Kru and CoCain. Cain's sample-heavy style got him into a bit of trouble with his first hit, "Hitman," which sampled a large section of a Cutty Ranks record; Cain agreed to a few remixes for Cutty to keep the issue out of the courts. Cain released Gun Talk, a full-length collection of his most well-known tracks (as well as a few new ones), on Sub Base in 1996. He has since focused on Runninz releases, cutting his Sub Base output to three singles a year. He continues to DJ at the international level.