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There are at least eight artists with the name Matrix:

1. Matrix is the pseudonym of London based drum and bass producer and DJ Jamie Quinn. Quinn started his musical career as one half of drum and bass duo Turbosound, who signed to DJ SS's F Project Records label, an offshoot of Formation Records. Their name was changed for them to "International Rudeboys", which while it perhaps didn't suit them as well as they would have liked, nonetheless this brought further success on Formation Records proper.
Later, Jamie began to release solo work as Matrix on various other Drum and Bass labels, beginning around 1994. Since then he has DJed worldwide and produced many records, including several for his own label, Metro Recordings.
His brother, Matt, is also famous in the drum and bass world as Optical. His debut LP as Matrix, Sleepwalk, was released on his brother's label Virus Recordings in 2000.
Further collaborations saw him make a foray into house music as one half of Goldtrix, who had a UK top ten hit with the single "Trippin".

2. Matrix is a freestyle rapper, he works with the Life Changing Movement Records. On his albums - The Campaign - he's rappin with Merlin, Mymmar, Sins, Money, Lil' Jam, DJ KMC etc.

3. Matrix is a German eurodance project, that was produced by F.A. Wollner, M. Cassandra and S. Peinaro. Matrix were Eric Gould and Natasha. They released the hits "Can You Feel It" and "Take A Piece Of Your Heart".

4. Matrix is an 80's christian rock band that later changed thier name to the more known "Bride"

5. Matrix is a Japanese electronic musician that made various dubbed-out minimal techno for the Basic hannel imprint Chain Rection, his real name is Tetsuo Tsuri.

6. Matrix was a jazz fusion band based out of Appleton, Wisconsin in the later half of the 1970s, playing at such jazz festivals as Telluride and Monterey. They recorded four albums from 1976-1980: in 1976 "Matrix" on the independant label UltraNova, which was later relased as "Matrix IX" on RCA, "Wizard" in 1978 for Warner Brothers, "Tale of the Whale" in for Warner Brothers in 1979, and "Harvest" for Pablo Today in 1980. The band reunited for a few shows in 1992, and then again in 2001, and released the reunion album "Proud Flesh" in 2002 on Summit records. The band's most recent lineup consisted of John Harmon on keys, Mike Murphy on Drums, Randy Tico on bass, Kurt Dietrich and Brad MacDougal on Trombone, John Kirchberger and Tom Washatka on saxophones, and Larry Darling, Jeff Pietrangelo, and Mike Hale on trumpet.

7. Matrix was a technical power/thrash band from Austin, Texas. They released one rehearsal demo in 1985 before splitting up.

8. Matrix was the Croatian dance band consisted of lead singer Mihaela Varga, Hrvoje Runtić and Dean Marković. They had three albums: Moja krila (2000), Djeca noći (2002) and Matrix presents Michaela (2004).