Mr Joseph

Knowledge catches up with up-and-coming drum & bass DJ / producer Mr Joseph to find out about the man behind Fizzy Beats and why he's attracting the attention of some of the biggest artists in the scene.

-Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into drum & bass?
I've been into drum & bass since its conception. I was initially a big fan of Public Enemy, so I really enjoyed the energy and variation that came with jungle. I was at college when I fell in love with the music and started going raving to places like Roller Express and Orange. It wasn't until 2000 that I decided to get involved in drum & bass and become part of the industry. I wanted to be more than just a raver.

-How would you categorize your style of drum & bass?
I wouldn't categorize myself into one specific genre; my record collection is very diverse from jump-up to liquid to tech. I make and play it all. For example, when I'm in the studio I like to switch it up. I'll make some liquid for a while, then I'll have a go at some jump-up; it depends on my mood. However, I am probably best known for my mellower, soulful liquid style, with a hint of deep tech and jungle.