Need for Mirrors

Need For Mirrors is a new name on the block, but the boys behind it have been around for quite some time. Otherwise known to the D&B scene as HLZ and Mosus, they’ve joined forces to create music which, in their own words, draws from all of their electronic music influences and reflects them back. An intriguing idea, but one that’s fraught with potential disaster; trying to mingle a million elements into one project can often sound messy. Instead, what you get is two producers with a wealth of experience stepping up and taking control of their sound. The final reflection, a Beautiful display of effortless electronica.

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01 September 2017, 00:00 | Johnny L | Need for Mirrors | Soul In Motion
This is the first release on Soul In Motion Records, a label curated by Bailey & Need For Mirrors as a division of Soul In Motion Ldn. All music released on the label will represent the soundtrack to the club night and have been tried and tested week in, week out.
17 February 2017, 16:29 | Need for Mirrors | Fokuz Recordings
Need For Mirrors is already preparing another EP. The new project, entitled ‘Vantage’, was signed by Fokuz Recordings and really fits the label sound-wise. We are offered three lovely mellow tunes -‘Clarity’, ‘Gatefold’ and ‘Wet Pine’, while the title track turned out to be rather vigorous.
23 January 2017, 14:47 | Need for Mirrors | Phil Tangent | C.I.A. Deep Kut
Our first release of 2017 comes courtesy of Need For Mirrors and Phil Tangent, who have teamed up on this superb 5 track EP for Deep Kut