Rawtekk are a duo hailing from Hamburg, Germany who have carved out a niche for themselves making music which takes in elements of d&b, wave, idm, pop and dubstep with a surreal yet sophisticated edge. Otherwise known as Stefan and Christine Westphal the pair joined forces in 2011, bringing Stefan’s production expertise in experimental electronica, minimal techno and dnb together with Christine’s singing and songwriting skills.

Stefan Krause grew up in Hamburg/Germany. In 1988 he started making music and felt in love with producing electronic music. Having his roots in the early nineties´ Techno-Movement, he made his way through many electronic genres.

In 2001 Rawtekk was founded to release drum and bass and breaks. His unique sound is different; clean, complex and straight forward. After coming up with the first tracks his fame quickly grew and he started playing live in different local clubs to show off his powerful skills.
Nowadays he is playing in well-known clubs beside the heads of the DNB-Scene.

Rawtekk have made a name for themselves in the scene through their releases on labels such as Subtitles, their previous release on Med School’s “New Blood 011″ album – “Snowflakes” and their close work with Phace. Their recent remix of Neosignal – “Angst” put them in the spotlight before they signed to Med School in Spring 2013.

Outside of producing tracks, they also specialize in producing commercial spots, soundlogos, imagefilms and they are developing sample libraries and demo songs for Steinberg’s Cubase, Halion, Halion Sonic and Sequel 1-3. In 2011 they received the award for the best commercial music in Germany


It stared across the shore of stars drifting imperceptibly through the vacuum, countless suns twisting their path through time and space on their almost endless descent into the black hole’s tidal gravity wake.


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