Lovely, sweet, pure, tuneful, atmospheric DnB and another gem from the good looking stable. Seba hails from Sweden and growing up at a time when jungle wasn't at all popular in his country he still managed to find his passion in the new exciting UK sounds. So like many of others he got two turntables and a mixer and taught himself to mix. The next step for many DJs is production and Seba was no exception and started to produce the music he is so passionate about. In 1995 LTJ Bukem heard Seba play and the last track of the set "Sonic Winds" immediately caught his attention. It was later released as the fifth ever release on the then newly started Looking Good Records. The rest, as they say, is history…

Seba puts a lot of energy on making his beats diverse and interesting to the listener and his productions are always centred around carefully crafted breaks, beats and last but not least bass!


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