There is more than one artist with this name.

1) Brooklyn-based electronic music producer

2) One-man death metal band from Imperial, PA

3) Now-defunkt rock group from Oulu, Finland

1) Brooklyn, NY-based drum & bass producer Kurt Gluck, founder of the Ohm Resistance label and co-founder of the Obliterati label. A creator and arranger of electronic music of all types, he has collaborated in the studio with prominent musicians including Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders.

Submerged performs as a member of several avant garde groups, incorporating drum & bass beats and sound manipulation live into the sets of groups such as Painkiller, and his own group with Bill Laswell, Method of Defiance. As a live drum & bass DJ and electronic collaborator, he has performed onstage in groups with legends such as Milford Graves, John Zorn and Toshinori Kondo, and modern cutting edge artists including Mike Patton and Dr. Israel.

A veteran of many tours as a DJ and a live act, Submerged has performed not only in clubs but also in music festivals in the US and industrial grain mills in the Baltics. His output includes over 30 releases, including 2 full-length original albums collaborating with Bill Laswell, spanning the Sublight, Avant, Subtitles, AdNoiseam, Sanctuary, Tzadik, and Nobot labels in addition to his own Ohm Resistance and Obliterati.

2) "Spewed forth from a necrotic vision in 2010, Submerged exists solely to blaspheme and desecrate putrid graves." A demo entitled "Cryptic World of Frozen Death" is currently in the works.

3.) The now-defunkt Finnish Submerged (1993-2001), who hailed from the city of Oulu, known for its many raw and energetic rock bands. They recorded three EPs - their first one for a small local label E-Records, and the next two for the famed and praised weirdo label Bad Vugum - and a single for Bad Afro. Their last release saw light in the form of a song, No Motive, featured on a compilation by the Finnish rock zine Sue. The band split up shortly after. Singer/guitarist Mikko Juntunen later formed Atomivakoojat (now also defunkt), while second guitarist Jasu Leskelä went on to form Universal Audio Attack Orchestra.