More than one artist has this name:

1) Solo drone ambient project of Jimmy Billingham, London, UK
2) Drum'n'Bass artist Wayne Hay.
3) Five-piece German Post Hardcore band.
4) solo post-rock project by one-time member of Thousands of Reflections, Daniel Snowdon.
5) Drone ambient project of D.Brownstead.
6) Four-piece rock band based in Swansea/Cardiff, UK

1) Jimmy is a London-based musician who has released music primarily on tape cassette for a variety of labels across the world. He divides his profile across a range of monikers, each reflecting a specific approach to recording or a stylistic emphasis, which could most appropriately all be grouped under the banner of ambient-drone. Jimmy initially gained attention with his Tidal project - perhaps his purest incarnation of this loose genre - in 2010 after a series of releases on US tape labels. Tidal embraces the rich texture of the cassette medium, blending thick, wistful synth tones with obscured samples to create blissful, undulating drone-scapes.

2) Born in Birmingham and living in North Warwickshire, Tidal Aka Wayne Hay, started as a presenter for Newstyle Radio 98.7FM (Birmingham) to be involved with a new weekly Drum 'n' Bass show, along with the rest of the System Check DJ's Xtract (Leicester) & Lubi J (Cardiff). He also runs his own label Advection.

3) Five-piece German Post Hardcore band, with occasional guest musicians.
Boris Mauch on vocals, sometimes melodica, saxophone and guitar. Julian Breuling on drums and percussion. Patrick Hespelt on bass. Fabe Schaller and Christian Spaeth on guitars.
The band started in this form since early 1999 and have 3 records out, and a DVD from their last concert, as far as I know. Tidal's musical style is a blend of Punk Rock and Hardcore elements with an emotional melodic touch and hints of Prog, Latin and other musical elements. More information on Tidal on their myspace site: www.myspace.com/tidalrip

4) Solo project by one-time member of Thousands of Reflections, Daniel Snowdon, influenced by post-rock and metal artists such as Tool, Devin Townsend and Isis. Only 4 tracks are so far available; When Oceans Switch, Tidal, Nevermore, Soulfright. More information is available on the project's Soundlift page.

5) Drone ambient project of D.Brownstead releasing at least one CD on Manifold records called Golem and Man. Contact [email protected]

6) Formed in South Wales during summer 2008, the band won the Cardiff University Battle of the Bands in 2009. The band consists of Ollie Hine, Adam Vaughan, Joe Lewis, and Joe Wilkes.