Current Value - Rethink EP

Positioned in the gravity well between the main planetary body and one of its outlying moons, the long-range research vessel unfurled its kinetic battery and prepared for the moment for which they had waited for years, the alignment was close. As the heavenly bodies reached the critical moment, the gravity harness kicked into life, the power of a planet’s motion captured and funneled into the portal. Reality yawed away into void as they looked on with the fearful curiosity known only to the truest of explorers. She approached the lens with trepidation... the other unimaginable reality awaited –an unknown destiny.

Othercide Records present CURRENT VALUE and his RETHINK EP. With their freshest release, Othercide reach deep into a parallel universe to pluck out some of the hardest hitting sounds from the outer stratospheres of the most hostile environments of Current Value’s territory. Following his much-acclaimed Biocellulose LP on Critical Music, alongside an array of releases on acclaimed labels Blackout, RAM, Bad Taste Recordings and Terminal – the RETHINK EP delivers Current Value’s unique sonic aesthetic in full. With a trademark precise and tech-fuelled sci-fi aesthetic that featuring remix artists Billain, Signs and Dean Rodell riff off to devastating effect, these 6 fresh CV tracks and 3 remixes unleash a torrent of refined audio and synthetic funk aesthetics designed to tear apart dance floors immaculately.

Release date
31st October Beatport exclusive
14th November worldwide
Vinyl TBC


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