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Datacode - Wraithmachine (Mach Wachein Rework)

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Meth Lab Recordings were awarded best new label at the most recent drum & bass arena awards. Their core is D'N'B, but their approach is much wider than that - sometimes approaching very experimental music and also transforming it into more dancefloor (albeit left-field) experiences.

This release is a prime example of that, with the analogue and circuit bent device audio experimentation of Datacode being captured and turned into a sample pack for producers to experiment with and turn into more beat-driven structures.
The full release comprises of a 35 minute Audio Visual piece from Datacode (which is exclusive to the USB, which pre-orders sold out for in a couple of hours, the first chapter of which is available already to view online) and the sample pack which our artists worked from. This is accompanied by 7 remixes from guests Roel Funcken, Flint Kids, Calqa and Barbarix, as well as 3 anonymous individuals from our roster.

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