Indivision - Vibrancy Part One


‘Vibrancy Part One’ LP

1. Silent Days (ft. Jonny Rose)
2. Electrolytes (2017 Mix)
3. Where Are You (ft. Kasger & Meluran) 4. Into the Wild (ft. Jonny Rose)
5. In Vitro
6. Cascades (ft. Kasger)
7. Take Me Home

Indivision have made a name for themselves with their unique blend of illustrious chords, ambient bass, and sharp drums, creating a signature sound that has brought them great success over the years. With support from Maduk, Netsky, Grooverider , the duo from Estonia have released over 100 tunes that can be heard on dancefloors across the world.

Based in Bournemouth, UK, arguably the home of drum & bass, S ubsphere Records have worked with some of the best and brightest names in the industry since its creation in 2011, including F eint, Stan SB, Keeno, Whiney, Moleman, Veela, Phase, and more.

As the name would suggest, ‘ Vibrancy ’ is full of upbeat, glimmering, colourful sounds from start to finish, further forging Indivision ’s unique sound in the drum & bass scene.

The opening track, ‘Silent Days’ , combines glistening, rolling melodies with the grounding vocals of Jonny Rose , who delivers dreamy lyrics over a dreamier soundscape. Upbeat, charming, and full of life, ‘Silent Days’ perfectly embodies Indivision ’s sound and sets the scene for the rest of the album.

Carrying on the high energy, ‘ Electrolytes ’ is pumped full of adrenaline right from the start with retro synths and a real spacey vibe. Following that, ‘ Where Are You’ , a collaboration with Danish producers Kasger and Meluran (both with releases on NCS ) is an 8-bit infused, feel-good dance track that is both elegant and charming while still maintaining that signature Indivision energy.

‘Into the Wild’ also features Jonny Rose ’s heartfelt vocals over glistening production, making for the ultimate feel good, call to adventure track, while ‘In Vitro’ is a radiant example of the illustrious sound design that has become synonymous with Indivision’ s name.

‘Cascades’ , the album’s penultimate track and the second collaboration with K asger , slowly builds up in intensity and charisma with truly magnetic sound design. Last but not least, ‘ Take Me Home’ delivers slightly more jazzy vibes, finishing the album on nothing short of a high note.

With a diverse collection of tunes that only continue to push Indivision’ s unique sound, the duo from Estonia have once again proven they are on the path to success. ‘Vibrancy’ is everything the name would suggest, and is a milestone in their career.

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Release date: 
07 December 2017
Digital Release

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