Hailing from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Bop is a new breed of producer intent on re-writing the rulebook with an intoxicating ice-cold sound; embracing influences from deep techno and minimalist dubstep through to IDM and ambient drum & bass. At the turn of the millennium, however, he was listening to the polar opposite, discovering the heavyweight output of Konflict, Ed Rush & Optical, Cause 4 Concern and Bad Company. But it wasn’t long until he found the experimental edge of d&b more appealing, the likes of Photek and Paradox inspiring him to carve out a sound of his own. On heavy rotation on the Bop home stereo now you’re more likely to hear IDM, dub techno, free jazz yeah, trip hop and even hardcore punk.

Bop is a green tea-drinking, banana-eating vegan with a dog named Booyaka, who despite the calming and soothing nature of his music frequently gets mad when there’s no hot water in his Saint-Petersburg apartment. He also says he can’t see without his glasses, but fortunately for us his ears are in perfect working order! When he’s not busy playing classic 8-bit computer games from the eighties, Bop finds time to run co-venture label Microfunk with Dephecta and a free net label called Microcircuit.

He is also aprt of the group Abstract Elements


As we edge ever-closer to our 21st Birthday celebrations, the Hospital crew reach another proud milestone.


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