Hospital Records

London Elektricity's label.

In 2003 M*A*S*H was started as a sublabel.

In 2006 Med School was started as a sublabel.

In 2008 Hospital Classic Symptoms was started as a sublabel to re-issue some of the back catalogue / rare bits.

Hospital Records is the brainchild of Tony Colman and Chris Goss, aka London Elektricity at that time. The label was started in early 1996 from their West London studio / HQ as a vehicle for their own music.

The mission statement to put out good, optimistic music.

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The Nu:Logic duo return with their combined genius to present a second full-length collaborative effort ‘Somewhere Between The Light’.
23 January 2017, 14:42 | Hospital Records | Nu:Tone | Logistics | S.P.Y | Etherwood
When you turn 21 the world is your oyster. You can vote, drink, gamble… and fly your own hot air balloon across London? Oh wait, that was last year.
As we edge ever-closer to our 21st Birthday celebrations, the Hospital crew reach another proud milestone.
14 November 2016, 13:35 | Urbandawn | Hospital Records
Hospital Records’ São Paulo discovery Urbandawn is a serious contender. After releasing two popular EPs with the label and spending several months determined in the studio his debut album ‘Gothenburg Cluster’ is ready.
10 November 2016, 16:11 | Shapeshifter | Hospital Records
Shapeshifter NZ solidify their out-of-this-world status with their sixth studio album Stars, out now!


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