There are at least two artists called Shapeshifter.

1. Shapeshifter are a New Zealand based five piece band comprised of PDigsss (vocals), Devin Abrams (sax/keys/synths), Sam Trevethick (guitar/synths/sampler), Nick Robinson (bass/synths/MPC) and Johnny Hooves (drums). They incorporate dub, jazz, hip-hop, metal, funk and electronic music to play live Drum 'n' Bass.

2. An electronic/synthpop group from Sweden, composed by Jesper Johansson, Kristian Pettersson and Lina Månsdotter. They released only one album, "Shape Shifter", in 1994, through the Hypnobeat/Hyperium labe


10 November 2016, 16:11 | Shapeshifter | Hospital Records
Shapeshifter NZ solidify their out-of-this-world status with their sixth studio album Stars, out now!