Med School Music

In 2006 Hospital Records announced the arrival of twisted sister Med School. The aim is to take you deep into the realms of electronic dance music, to champion emerging talent and to push a unique palette of sounds.

Name variations:

- Med School

- Med School Music


19 September 2017, 15:38 | Med School Music | Royalston | Amy Kisnorbo | LYFLYK | Thavy Ear | Victoria
Australian audio architect Royalston has returned to Med School for his third album ‘Popular Mechanics’. Constantly pushing sonic barriers, this LP sees experimental drum & bass and electronica in its most exciting form.
31 October 2016, 17:38 | Frederic Robinson | Med School Music | Lily Juniper
Frederic Robinson's second full length studio album 'Flea Waltz' is a complex and fascinating body of work that once again offers a breath of fresh air in a world numbed by predictability.


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