With the Drum and Bass market in a state of complete over-saturation, it takes originality, class, and an understanding of quality control to get ahead. Having emerged from relative obscurity in 2006, SpectraSoul, have emerged as one of the new-school pioneers on the drum and bass circuit. 2008 saw the release of their much-anticipated underground anthem “Alibi”, which tore up dance-floors worldwide. Alongside this, 2008 also marked the release of SpectraSoul’s “Peninsula” and “The Tube”, both featured on Friction’s Shogun Audio imprint.

The duo show no signs of slowing in 2009, with scheduled releases for Goldie’s seminal Metalheadz Label, Teebee’s Subtitles, D-Bridge’s Exit Recordings, and, of course, further releases for Shogun audio and Critical Recordings.


26 April 2017, 15:35 | 1985 Music | Ish Chat Music | Alix Perez | Spectrasoul
The ‘Synergy EP’ is 4 tracks of concise, stripped back, mature and soulful music that bumps.
09 October 2016, 18:57 | Symmetry Recordings | Break | DLR | Spectrasoul | Total Science | Boston | Kyo | mc fats | NC17 | KC
Celebrating 10 Years of releasing quality Drum n' Bass, Symmetry is pleased to present a 12 track anniversary album.


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