Paperfunk Recordings

PAPERFUNK RECORDINGS – is a dark drum&bass label which sound will be based on the hard and metallic techstep and neurofunk sound. There’s no place for popular sound. The label’s main goal is to flood cities and towns with the special mixtures containing nano-robots that supposed to get inside people’s brains and plunge them down in the deepest adolescent memories and show them the unrealized future. The hardness of the mix, the steel of the drums, the oil of the bass and the rust of the effects – are the main and crucial keywords of the PAPERFUNK label.

Officially speaking, our tracks will be selling out on the majority of the online music stores that’s why it’ll always be easy to find them available on the most popular online shops such as Beatport, TrackitDown, Digital-Tunes, etc.

We’d like to pay special attention to the concept of our label as an engine of progress. New talents will be expressing themselves right before your eyes and soon, behind the battle embrasures the fearless robots who, with the help of lasers and magnetic impulses, are able to bring you the meaning of the Neurofunk and Techstep’s existence, will arise.



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