SLK Promo

DRUM AND BASS группировка из Центрального Черноземья, за спиной которой не один десяток мощнейших тусовок !!! В деле с 2006г !!! В этом же году появился российский drum and bass лейбл S.L.K. Records, на котром было выпущено несколько десятков релизов с известными российскими и мировыми продюсерами.

SLK - это drum and bass проект, образованный в 2000 м году, блягодаря Dj Lion' у.

Lion (SLK) is known as the dj who promotes drum and bass culture in Central region of Russia. Now, looking back, there's no doubt that dj lion have made important contribution into development of dnb in Russia. Back in 2000 he had already become one of the leading dnb deejays in Central Region of Russia. At the same time his own tracks were popular among drum and bass and jungle fans. In the same year, Lion started SLK project, that becomes known and popular not only in Russia but in other countries! Lion's deejaying geography is very wide: he played in Moscow, St. Petersberg, Kazan', Penza, Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Tula, Minsk, etc. He was KazanTip music festival participant, years 2004-2006, also played at Russian Drum and Bass Convention (St. Petersberg). Prefers vynils over cds. Played together with: State of Mind, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Panacea, Nu:Tone, MC Stamina, Current Value, Outrage, Stare & Philibbs, Gvozd, Sunchase, Poul B, Zemine, Erik, Nastya, Electrosoul System, Logical, Novak, Drummer, Art, E:Beat, Toper, 007, Xpander, T.Half, Took, Step, Dissident, Ruffen, SOI, Blasta, Bes, Grey, Juxtapose (Neba zhiteli), Profit, Jazzman and many others! In 2004 Lion as member of SLK had signed two year contract with UK label Jerona Fruits Recording UK. ( "The River of Life" by SLK was presented to UK audience at Ministry of Sound radio in "Jerona Fruits in the mix" broadcast. SLK - The River of Life (Jerona Fruits) in Bassdrive Radio (USA), "Pirate Station Radio Show" - Radio Record (SPb), Kiss radio (Kiyev, Ukraine) DJ Lion knows personally many top deejays not only from Russia, but from other countries as well. Also Lion is the founder of SLKDNB promo group, that arranges drum and bass parties in Orel and nearby cities.
At present time Lion activelly develops his own label SLK Records. The first release came out in December, 2006.


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