V/A "Electrosoul System presents Kosmopolitic LP Vol.ll"

 KOS.MOS.MUSIC представляет вашему вниманию второй альбом серии "Kosmospolitic" представляемый Андреем Electrosoul System.

This album represents a wide spectrum of break-beat electronica that is called drum’n’bass, precisely the melodic and atmospheric side of the genre. The album consists of 24 tunes from artists around the globe.

Just as diverse and eclectic the culture of different countries is, having, at the same time, much in common for the mankind, the same way the album reflects the variety of unity in drum’n’bass culture.

In the album one can find different aspects of intelligent drum’n’bass: atmospheric, techmospheric, artcore, microfunk, liquid, deep, leftfield, halstep, psychedelic, euphoric, ambient-dnb and many more similar in sounding of sub-genres and touches of the style. Kosmopolitic is United!

V/A "Electrosoul System presents Kosmopolitic LP Vol.II" /KOSMOS105LPDGTL /

01. Liquitek - Natural Born Grooves
02. Electrosoul System - Kosmopod
03. Radicall - Inner Space
04. MidKnight Moon - Skyline
05. Jaskin x Uneven x Electrosoul System - Undercover
06. Kelle & Juha - Future In Motion
07. Dynamic Stab & Liquitek - Ritmoss
08. nClear x RoyGreen & Protone - Digital Generation
09. Kelle feat. Skyelle - Escape With Me
10. Fjkiller - Future Project
11. Scool - Blue Eyes
12. Tire feat. Electrosoul System - La Conciencia Entra
13. Kelle & Juha - Shifter
14. Peron - ODJ
15. Decline - Zero Gravity
16. K.Poison - Secret Tribe
17. Nearearth - Pokorenie Kosmosa
18. Keenjah - Emotion
19. Figures - You Know
20. Paladion - Ive
21. Samorost - You (Electrosoul System Remix)
22. Nothing - Windows
23. Dharma Kaya - Flux
24. Bioritm - Baikal

Дата релиза: 1 Декабря, 2019

Поддпжать 👉🏻 bit.ly/33gVzGu


05.01. STEPPIN'SESSION: DJ Aphrodite (UK) @ Pravda


V/A "Light Years Vol.3 presented by Electrosoul System" /KOSMOS100DGTL/


V/A "Supernova LP Volume Four" /KOSMOS099DGTL/

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01 декабря 2019
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