There are a several artists with the name "Bailey". These include:

1. A Drum and Bass DJ on BBC's "1Xtra". Bailey is a resident DJ at Metalheadz and Swerve, and is also a record label owner and part time producer.

2. The indie/electronic project of Nathan Hanley. His first album entitled "+" was released in 2006. He collaborated with Jessica Evans during the creation of the album. He is now recording a new album called "young adult culture" due to be released in October 2010.

3. A London based three piece rock/pop band. The band was formed in 2002 and consists of brothers Oliver and Dominic Bailey, together with Cristian Mansilla. The band plays regularly on the London circuit and has released two albums and an EP

4. Bailey Cruthird - a 17 year old female vocalist who appeared on ABC's comedy sitcom "Hope and Faith". Bailey has released one album to date, which has received airplay in some US states.

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