There is more than one artist with this name:

1 | Despot, also known as Alec Reinstein, is a hip-hop artist signed to NYC-based Def Jux Records. He made his home in Forest Hills (Queens), after dropping out of Purchase College.

2 | Despot is Serbian heavy metal project by Srdjan Brankovic of AlogiA and Aca Celtic of Orthodox Celts. Despot's real and original name is Деспот, so keep your stats clean.

3 | Despot is a Brazilian black metal band. More info at

4 | Despot is a drum and bass producer from Russia who, along with Bop, is one of the pioneering forces behind the recent microfunk style of drum and bass.

After previously producing and releasing tracks under the name of Dephecta, new project, Despot, will receive it's first release, 'Empty', on Hospital Records' forthcoming 'Future Sound of Russia' album.

More info can be found at:

5] Despot is a 4-piece punk band from Grand Rapids, MI

6] Despot is a Metal band from South Korea, Incheon. More info at


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