There is more than one artist named Genotype:

1. Genotype is a drum and bass artist from London, United Kingdom. He has been releasing music under the name since 1997.

Real Name: Justin Richardson
Other Aliases: Mastermind, Just Jungle, Mastermind, Panman Justin/Redz UK, Mischiev2Music

Labels: Renegade Hardware, Renegade Recordings, Moving Shadow, Audio Couture, Lplates, Pennyblack Recordings, Phat Traxs, Reinforced, Slow Motion, Fashion, Social Circles(Mischiev and Trixar as Tag Team), Ghetto Wax, Sony, Broken Audio Recordings, Mindtech, Digilab, Catlyst Music

AIM: genotype76

2. Geneotype is a metal band from Hampshire, IL. Formed in December 2010 by Charlie Esposito (Altered/The Darksiders) and Shaun Combee (Altered/Loki/Left for Dead). Ideas were exchanged and a platform was created. Kadie Kirby (vocals) joined shortly after and because of her background in stage performances and her love for macabre horror films/ femme metal groups she fit quite well with the dark allegro pieces being created. Tony Florio (Axis/Zero Hour) joined the ranks there after and adds the needed "thump" and "growl". Genotype then began writing and producing their debut self-titled album, it was independently released in February 2012. In June of 2012, Genotype was completed with the addition of Remington Roberts (Theophagy) on drums. Dave Zellers (Blackhawk Band, 12 Pack Pretty, Swift Kick) helped the band out by filling in as bassist for a bunch of shows, as Tony made his exit from the band in 2013. Justin Krotz was added to the lineup on bass in June 2013.


10 февраля 2014, 09:27 | Broken Audio | Bred For Pleasure | Genotype | Soul Intent
28-го февраля на британском Broken Audio Recordings выйдет сборник с треками от таких исполнителей как Soul Intent, Genotype и DBR UK. "Musical Currency Volume 1" можно будет приобрести на сайте HORUS Music или Broken Audio.
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Не только продюсеры на dnb сцене выпускают альбомы, но и MC. Многие помнят замечательные альбомы вокалисток Jenna G и MC Tali. Вот и Born Delroy Pottinger aka MC DRS (Del Rok Ski) за два последних года со своими друзьями сочинил целый альбом.