1. Benny Jonas Nilsen, a.k.a BJ Nilsen, born in Nyköping Sweden in the mid seventies and now living in Stockholm. Nilsen began working with experimental music and sound at an early stage. He was influenced by the early tape movements with the pioneers of sonic assault and released his first recordings at the age of 15. In 1996 after he stopped with his project Morthond, where he played bass guitar he founded project Hazard. Since then he has focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound. The Baltimore based label Malignant released a very dark Hazard “Lech” album in 1997 and due to that album and a few releases (“Wind”, “Wood c/w Bridge/Field” and “North”) on Ash International, Hazard gained an enormous reputation among fans of ambient-industrial. Being in a creational process, Nilsen also collaborates with other famous electronic music masters, such as Phil Niblock who was co-assisting him in a performance in New York, also Biosphere and Z'ev. Nilsen together with Chris Watson, the legendary founder of Cabaret Voltaire and former member of Hafler Trio, have being recorded storms by the seacoast of England that should be a keystone of the sound of new album. Nilsen is practicing in searching of new sound signals for mobile phones and recording sound for documentary. One of his works is the sound for the film “Kochuu” created by Jesper Wachtmeister in 2004.

2. Hazard (1981-1983) was a pop, rock band from Slovenia

3. Hazard is a romanian folk/rock band.

4. Drum and bass artist from Birmingham

5. Japanese crust/hardcore band featuring the drummer for D.S.B

6. French Canadian progressive rock band that released a single in 1974 called "Le Chemin de l'oubli".

7. Thrash metal band formed in Arvika, Sweden in 2001. Released two demos, Aggression Within (2001) and Agony Awaits (2004). Changed name to Tribulation and style to death metal in 2004.

Last known line-up:
Olof Wikstrand - Vocals (2002-04) (Enforcer, Corrupt)
Jonas Wikstrand - Drums (Enforcer, Black Trip)
Jonathan Hultén - Guitars (Tribulation, Stench)
Adam Zaars - Guitars (ex-Enforcer, Tribulation)
Johannes Andersson - Bass (Tribulation, Stench)

Previous members:
Joseph Tholl - Guitars (2001) (Enforcer, Black Trip, Corrupt)


15 мая 2013, 20:30 | Playaz Recordings | Hazard
C некоторого времени Playaz перестал печатать винил, выпуская свои релизы только в цифровом формате. И вот поступила радостная новость для любителей "теплого" звучания - 38 релиз лейбла от DJ Hazard можно будет заполучить на пластинке начиная с 24 июня.


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