Jonny L

Jonny L, real name John Lisners, is a drum and bass producer. He has also released music under the alias Mr. L. He first came to prominence with the rave single "Hurt You So" in 1992. He signed to XL Recordings, the same label as The Prodigy and SL2. He produced more rave singles such as Ooh I Like It.

In 1995, he changed direction making drum and bass records, beginning with I'm Leavin. With that he produced two other EPs before his first album Sawtooth in 1997. From this album, the hit single, Piper proved to be a success even though it was extreme in its sound, although on the album there were other electro-influenced tracks. By 1998 the next album, Magnetic, carried on in a similar vein.

He left XL to form his own record label, Piranha Records. Another album, 27 Hours A Day followed with the George W. Bush sampled single Let's Roll.

Jonny also produced Truesteppers' "Out Of Your Mind", the hit single featuring Dane Bowers and Victoria Beckham, and also produced "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Do It Till We Drop" for S Club's 2002 album, Seeing Double.


09 октября 2013, 07:07 | Jonny L | Spearhead Records
Альбому от Jonny L, заявленному еще в начале года на Spearhead, быть! В ноябре этого года выйдет LP под названием "In A Jungle", с пятнадцатью абсолютно новыми композициями. Две первые, уже засвеченные лейблом, полностью оправдывают его название. Поступит в продажу 10-го сентября.


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