Liquid Tones

Liquid Drum & Bass label from London, Britain (UK)

Starting as a small gathering of like minds in a tiny bar in Clapham less than a year ago Liquid Tones has rose steadily and strongly to become a major player on the international liquid scene. With major support from Bassdrive, Kmag and a host of International Producers/DJs you'll be hearing a lot more of us in the coming months.
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12 июня 2013, 14:00 | Liquid Tones | Malaky | Identified | Neutralize | Koschy | Spective
Ну, а тем из вас кто любит красивый и мелодичный Liquid Funk мы настоятельно рекомендуем ознакомиться с 31-м релизом на британском Liquid Tones.