Majistrate has been djing since 1989 and producing since 1994. Back in 1993 Undercover Agent,
long time friend of Majistrate and owner of notorious Cyndicut was about to launch Splash and
Juice Recordings. The releases started back in 1994 when Splash recordings released Majistrate's
first 12” Open Circuit. Majistrate went on to have over 10 releases on the classic jungle label as well
as various releases on the sister label Juice Recordings.

By 1995 Majistrate was progressing with producing and dj'ing at some of the biggest events
as well as featuring weekly on Kool FM. After meeting A-sides who liked what Majistrate was doing,
he decided to release material on his East Side record label. Following this there were
various A-sides/Majistrate collaborations under the name of Fate, as well as countless
Majistrate solo releases. Majistrate has also remixed for various artists, as well as having other
releases on classic labels such as Lucky Spin and Brain records. He has also appeared on Kiss FM
& Rude FM, as well as playing throughout Europe.

In 2002 Majistrate made a come back to production after a brief break, and hooked up with Nicol,
old time friend and Direct Recordings owner. ‘Show U’ was the second release on Direct Recordings,
and lead to Majistrate and Nicol linking up in the studio.

Since then there have had various releases on Urban Takeover, Frequency (Ram records sister label)
& Frontline. Majistrate also recently featured a remix on Ganja records.

DJ Nicol (UK) originally got his DJ name by working on London pirate radio station Pressure FM
which he started in 1995 alongside the likes of Ruff Stuff, Bizzy-B and Friction to name a few.
He later moved onto hosting a weekly show on Cyndicut FM, with MC Eksman, and with guest
appearances from MCs Herbz, Fatman D, 5ive 0 & TC Izlam to name a few.

More recently DJ Nicol has been special guest with Jungle legend Remarc on Kool FM.
He has performed at all the UK's top events including Innovation, 1Nation, Breakin Science
and Battle of the MCs, as well as club events both here and abroad including countries
Germany, Poland, Austria and the U.S.A . He plays a fresh bubbling style of drum & bass, mainly
dub plates from the scenes top labels, and exclusive VIP Remixes.

He is Co-owner of Direct Recordings, and also a recording artist for Frontline,
Urban Takeover & Frequency Records. He also co-promotes Direct Recordings nights across the
UK and Europe. In 2003, DJ Nicol started the move into production and what a move it was.
His first tracks (alongside long time drum & bass producer: Majistrate) were signed to Frontline,
Urban Takeover and Frequency, and he has continued to have releases with the above
camps to this day.

Majistrate & Nicol can be booked for DJ performances through the Innovation Artist Management

Visit Majistrate & Nicol's page on Myspace

Check out their full discography on Roll Da Beats


23 декабря 2014, 18:02 | Majistrate | Sweet Tooth Recordings
Вчера на Sweet Tooth Recordings вышел новый альбом от джамп-ап-исполнителя Majistrate. Лонгплей под названием "Twenty" посвящён 20-летию музыкальной карьеры Majistrate, и на нём расположилось ровно 20 новых треков!
18 ноября 2014, 20:00 | Co-Lab Recordings | Heist | Flaco | Serum | Majistrate
8-го декабря на Co-Lab Recordings выйдет компиляция, посвящённая 10-летию лейбла! На ней представлены 16 роллеров от Heist, Serum, Nicky Blackmarket и многих других исполнителей.
26 мая 2014, 14:28 | Sub Zero | Majistrate | Playaz Recordings | PLAYAZ
9-го июня выйдет совместный ЕР от Sub Zero и Majistrate. "Under Pressure EP" можно предзаказать на iTunes или на сайте Playaz, где можно также приобрести эксклюзивный трек "Feel".
09 апреля 2013, 16:30 | Sub Zero | Majistrate | Krakota | Supreme Being | Jaydan | Playaz Recordings
22-го апреля, легендарный PLAYAZ выпустит EP от резидента лейбла Sub Zero. Данная EP будет представлена ремиксами на ранее выходившие известные работы от этого продюсера. Над ремиксами постарались такие ребята как Majistrate, Krakota, Supreme Being, Jaydan и другие.
15 ноября 2012, 16:53 | PLAYAZ | Majistrate | Potential Badboy | Shimah | Need for Mirrors | Annix | Optiv | BTK
Серия The Flauors EP на Playaz очень ценится фанатами лейбла и вообще dnb heads! Так лейбл сделает нам подарок к Новому Году четвертой серией данных EP!