Mampi Swift

The prolific "Mampi Swift" aka Phil Anim, formerly known as Swift. The addition of "Mampi" to his name not being coincidental…….the term meaning "big, strong and quick" depicts everything about him from his pure pyhsique to his amazing "double-dropping" djing skills.

We are going to see a lot happening with Mampi Swift and Charge Recordings this year. He has spent the last 12 months back in the studio, working towards his next long awaited album. Working heavily with Blame and 720 Degrees Music - this duo will certainly be suprising a lot of people over the next few months.

With the current Charge release "Stay Forever" from Blame flying off the shelves and all his classic tunes regularly being played out around the world there is no stopping this guy.

Being careful to not over expose his new tunes - they are rarely released prior to promo's - this guy is a very clever business man. He relentlessly still plays with dubplates/vinyl and refuses to use CD's when playing gigs - he is wisely attempting to keep the record industry alive for future generations.

Starting off his career as a Dj in the early nineties, Swift landed a job at the now defunct Lucky Spin record shop. This was very helpful, as full access to the studio next door, with in house engineer Pete Parsons (aka Voyager) was part of the package. This became a valued learning ground for the inspired artist. After a few releases on various well known labels, his hunger grew and he set up his own label Charge Recordings.

Swift describes his style as "Plain rolling" and while simple, catchy beats are a key element to his overall sound, it's the unique distorted basslines people notice.

Swift, until now has worked totally alone on his productions, developing a style that is all of his own. He has produced all current releases on Charge label, and three on his other imprint Blade Recordings. He is now looking to expand the Charge empire by signing fresh new talent.


Недавно вышедший ежегодный сборник от Drum & Bass Arena не обошёлся без эксклюзивов, которые на этот раз предоставили такие исполнители как Mindscape, Need For Mirrors и Mampi Swift.
06 июля 2013, 13:11 | Mampi Swift | Mampi Swift Recordings
Британец Mampi Swift с гордостью готовится представить всему миру свои работы, которые выйдут на новом импринте Mampi Swift Recordings. Автор скромно, но правильно описывает свой предстоящий релиз: Для всех тех кто забыл, что такое НАСТОЯЩИЙ Drum'n'Bass, вот он!
17 сентября 2012, 16:25 | Mampi Swift | Charge Recordings
Легенда dnb музыки в ближайшее время выпускает на своем лейбле Charge альбом под названием "History".