Randall can refer to at least three different artists:

1)Randall McNeil, Drum 'n' Bass & Jungle DJ/producer from London. Began attending raves whilst working as a messenger in the World Trade Centre in London. His first bookings, after sending out tape demos, was at Delirium in London, playing Thursdays and Saturdays He then began his own show on Centreforce FM. Resident DJ at A.W.O.L. and had shows on Rave FM. Also co-owned the De Underground record shop in Forest Gate.

2)Randall (aka Smalltown Boy) is the handle of a polish chiptune artist. He is a member of the C64 demoscene group Arise and founding member of MultiStyle Labs (C64 music group). Many of his tracks got high scores in various SID compos, 8 of them earning the first place.
Randall is also a member of Afro Kolektyw, where he writes music and performs vocals.

3)Solo works by composer and guitarist Dave Randall, who has also been a member of bands Slovo and Faithless.


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Традиционно во вторую ночь на фестивале проходит вечеринка культового лейбла MetalHeadz, но когда была опубликована программа SUNandBASS, оставалось только от удивления открыть рот...