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Guido Hoppe aka "Typecell" is an electronic music producer/DJ from Kassel in Germany. Has bought his first set of turntables and a mixer at the age of 14 and practicing with the sounds of electro to acid house,settling with techno as his choice,came 1993 to the birth of "DJ P.M.C." he starts producing own songs around 1995 and started in 1996 his own record label "Genetic Rhythm".he did several successful releases on his own imprint aswell on such labels as "Bonzai Records", "Lightning Records", "Thunderdom", "Red Alert", "House Nation" and a few more…
In 1998 his interests were moving more towards drum & bass and as the result he created in 1999 the new moniker "Typecell" in order to produce his experimental tracks by fusing Techno and Drum & Bass. By 2002 his record label “Protogen Records” was born targeting a more club-friendly, techno/house influenced drum & bass sound. In 2004,"Subplate Recordings" was added as a netlabel subdivision. Since it’s inception,Typecell has released 10 LP's and several songs on Vinyl, CD's, MP3 and WAV.

Гуидо Хоппе (Guido Hoppe aka Typecell) (Кассел, Германия) в 14 лет приобрел свой первый комплект вертушек и ди-джейского оборудования.