Vice Versa

Существует по меньшей мере 2 группы с названием Vice Versa:

1) Vice Versa

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Vice Versa was a synthpop band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Vice Versa comprised future members of the successful pop group ABC.

Formed in 1977 by Stephen Singleton, Mark White and David Sydenham, they founded their own label, Neutron Records, releasing the EP Music 4. They had similarities to The Human League, who they supported in 1978. Martin Fry, who wrote the fanzine Modern Drugs, interviewed the band, and shortly afterwards, they asked him to join as synthesizer player, and Fry accepted, and shortly afterwards the band evolved into ABC, with Fry taking over on vocals.

2) Vice Versa

Группа из Москвы, играющая электрический рок. Ниже приведена небольшая рецензия из блога Noise In The Zen Arcade.

"If the blues stylings of the Chaw were a little too polished for your primitive ass, give these Russian mudslingers a listen. Instantly bringing to mind heavy Japanese sounds à la Blues Creation, High Rise/Mainliner, Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine, or American heads like Purling Hiss or an old Black Keys album mixed under the influence of cough syrup, Moscow's Vice Versa play the kind of feedback-drenched rock and roll that I should by all rights be sick of already, for all its simple premises. But bands like this keep dragging me back in. There are some really fine moments on this demo; at some points, like on the 10+ minute 'Stranger,' the racket reaches the stratosphere where you'd expect to find Les Rallizes Dénudés. During the less noisy passages Vice Versa sort of resemble the somberness of St. Petersburg's Sonic Death, but without the acoustic instruments. Highly recommended, especially if you're into the stuff mentioned."


24 апреля 2014, 19:41 | Vice Versa | Inna Riddim
Сиднейский дуэт Vice Versa, известный по релизам на Good Looking Records, Human Elements, Bingo Beats и Innerground, планирует выпустить весьма интересную The Red Curtain EP Pt. 1. На ней будет представлено четыре работы: две в жанре intelligent drum & bass, две в жанре bass.
27 февраля 2014, 10:51 | Dispatch Recordings | Vice Versa
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