There are 4 artists with the name Flaco.
1)Greek lowbap artist please right tag isFlaco lowbap
2) Mr. Flaco is a underground hip-hop and gangster rap artist from California, who owns the record label, 707 Untouchable Records. For more info contact www.myspace.com/flax707 or www.soundclick.com/MrFlaco.

3) Flaco is a drum'n'bass producer from Gainesville, Florida.

4) Flaco is a hip/hop artist from Indianapolis, Indiana, who released The Bored Solider Mixtape in 2010, and will release his second, HIGH.MOM in 2011.



11 April 2017, 17:29 | Influence Records | Flaco | Lynx | Aaron Jay
Following on from the successful releases of Specific and Atom in the second half of 2016, Influence Records kicks off 2017 with the third and final part of the Fort Knox series.
To close out the last of The Space Between Remix Series , we turn over four more prime cuts to some of the freshest producers in the scene. First up, we take one of the most memorable jams from the album, dubwise roller “Backfoot Dub” featuring long time BoS family member the Emcee Child.