There are at least ten bands who have used this name.

1) A band from Woodstock, NY formed in 1971. They had close ties to The Band through Garth Hudson and Richard Manuel. John Simon, producer of the first two Band albums even produced the first Borderline album. The second Borderline album remained unreleased until 2001.

2) SXE old school hardcore band from California, one of the members was Popeye, who later started Farside. Borderline released a 7" EP titled "Unseen" in 1990.

3) Another started September 2004 with 5 members. Now with one change to the line up they have been gigging around their local area of Bridgend making the name well known. The band are aged beween 14-16 making them one of the youngest bands in the area. Their music ranges in all aspects making it difficult to categorize them down to one style of music. Their missing link style between modern punk and metal gives them their unique edge. They are currently in the mix of a new EP which will be realised in the VERY near future, and then will follow up by adding two tracks to this EP soon.

4) A French emo-rock band, from Lille, go by this name, and have recently supported Hell Is For Heroes during their Paris date of the European tour.
Official site:

5) Another was a female-fronted emo-rock band out of Springfield, Massachusetts which began in 2004. They produced one EP and disbanded soon after.

6) Polish progressive rock band.
Official site:

7) In a real punk rock attitude, Borderline decided to participate on this
compilation with one of their few recorder tracks. Like a garage recording
session done with low cost material, their track breathes dirty rock, noisy
guitars, furious percussion and a screamed, not clear vocal contribution.
Borderline was established around half a year ago. It started with 3 friends
from high school, Wiktor, Filip and Wojtek. Bassist Wiktor joined the band
later on. Their sound is the combination of all their influences, mainly indie,
punk rock music. “…Borderline music is dynamic, fresh and full of energy …”
Official site:

8)Japanese noisy crust band.

9) Rock'n'Roll and rock classics from Weyhe, Germany.

10) BORDERLINE is a 50's & 60's Rock-n-Roll band. Borderline are based in the North East of England UK. They play to live audiences all over the area and play at venues small and large. Borderline have their own official website and some of their tracks can be heard by logging onto different pages of the site.
They also have a myspace profile but this does not have as much information about the band on it..
Official website:

11) A drum n bass artist from Wellington, New Zealand, signed to a number of important labels such as Cyanide, DSCI4, Red Light & Citrus.

12) A Tex-mex band from the Netherlands

13) A Swedish hard rock / heavy metal band.
They released at least a 7" in 1991


05 апреля 2016, 14:30 | Cause4Concern Recordings | Borderline | Cause4Concern
Следующим в линейке релизов C4C Recordings будет сингл от Borderline! Этот новозеландец вновь представит нам своё грубое и неотёсанное звучание, на сей раз - в лице двух роллеров: "Creature Of Habit" и ремикса на "Eurotrash" от Cause 4 Concern. Треки поступят в продажу 25 апреля.
01 февраля 2016, 19:08 | Project 51 Recordings | Borderline | Gridlok | Prolix
Borderline снова выпустится на Project 51 с парочкой жирных треков. Первый из них - это сольная работа под названием "Momentus", а на обратной стороне расположился ремикс на классику лейбла - "Poisonous" от Gridlok & Prolix! Релиз состоится 18 февраля.
07 августа 2015, 16:33 | ProgRAM | Chris.SU | Borderline | Aggressor Bunx | Noe | Slang Banger
Лейбл ProgRam возвращается с масштабным сборником, который появится в продаже уже в эту пятницу. Компиляция под названием "Encrypted" вобрала в себя 15 треков, относящихся к множеству разных направлений dnb-музыки.
05 апреля 2015, 23:00 | Trendkill Records | Borderline | Prolix
27-го апреля на Trendkill Records выйдет релиз, в который вошли два новых трека от Borderline и Prolix. Первый из них - "Complication" - является оригинальной композицией, в то время как второй представляет собой ремикс самого Prolix на его старый трек "Who Run It".
16 февраля 2015, 21:06 | MC Coppa | Borderline | Machine Code | Comanche Records
В этом году MC Coppa выпускает свой дебютный альбом, на котором разместились коллабы с многими известными dnb-исполнителями. 23-го февраля выходит сэмплер с двумя треками, написанными совместно с Borderline и Machine Code.
13 декабря 2014, 14:04 | Borderline | Red Light Records
2-го февраля на Red Light Records выйдет новый ЕР от Borderline. "Zero Theorem" включает в себя 4 трека, среди которых есть коллаб с Hooves. Источник: Drum & Bass Today