Max Anokin a.k.a LIMEWAX. Born in Kamjanetz Podilskyi, Ukraine 1988 and based in Kiev - Ukraine. Moved to the Netherlands in 1999. His first release was Life Of Sin Remix (2005, Penetration Records). The young virtuoso dnb/electronic music producer has so far released music for labels such as : Tech Itch, Freak Recordings, Obscene Recordings, Tech Freak, Avalanche, Algorythm and Sinuous Recordings.


13 December 2016, 15:35 | Limewax | Position Chrome
When it comes down to a Limewax release darkness is usually all over the place. Without a doubt producer Maxim Anokhin has perfectly mastered that side of art, but it would be quite disrespectful if we didn't pay a closer attention to the true depth of his sound.
24 October 2016, 16:29 | Position Chrome | Cooh | Fragz | Limewax
Spinning the crowd's favorite records, fully immersed in complex live sets or just crafting a new track in the studio surely looks rad on photos, but boy, that might be a pretty lonely path and lifestyle. However, in Moth Scream, Bulgarian producer Cooh is everything but alone.


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